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Germany and Austria share the same language, but with fundamental differences in the way they use it. The Austrian Hochdeutsch (High German) used in writing and formal contexts is fairly similar to the German Hochdeutsch, however, there are huge differences in the way German is spoken in everyday life. The current population in Austria is just over 8.5 million.

The so-called Mundart (vernacular) is strong and exists in many different forms, varying from region to region. Many words are used exclusively in spoken Austrian and therefore there’s no set way to spell them.

Austrian German is a pluricentric language like English. The (major) standard versions are German, Austrian German and Swiss German. They differ slightly because there is a lot more cultural exchange inside each of the three communities than between them. For a rough idea of the differences of the standard languages, one can equate the linguistic relations of Germany - Austria - Switzerland to those of the US - Canada - UK or even better, to those of England - Scotland - Ireland.